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I was born in 1991 in Japan, to a South Korean father and South Korean-Japanese mother, both of whom were also born in Japan.
I grew up in Australia with a South Korean passport, now living in London for the last five years.
The fictional characters I have created are are based on my story. 


I am a fashion stylist and experience designer.
I explore how to convey current issues through designing fictional narratives based on true stories.
I produce immersive installations that completely transfers you into a new environment.
I invite the audience to imagine themselves being a part of the story, provoking reflection on themselves, which then triggers questions on the meanings in why this issue is being addressed.


Every garment piece in collaboration and created by Simon Peters represents myself that I show for the first time.


1: My family and I moved to Australia when I was seven years old, and have moved from house to house ending up in 17 different schools.
2: As a consequence, I had to move from friendship group to friendship group, and became anxious of how much harder the next "goodbye" would be.
3: I realised how I acted or said something was taken so differently in Australia and Japan. I felt the need to change to feel validated.
4: M family moved back to Japan and I stayed in boarding school beacause I only had 4 months left to graduate high school. I felt so alone and needed my family more than ever and so for attention, I began to act out. I ended up back in Japan to complete high school, which was one of hardest time in my life to adjust.
5: I decided that I needed to understand how to combine different cultures together by defending who I was by meeting in the middle.
Tag 6: Although I have been through many things that have pushed me towards the harder and longer way, I realised everything happens for a reason.


Identity is different to every person because no matter where you are from, we have all had different experiences to which we react to differently.
We are also so influenced by our surroundings and sometimes forget what is real and what is not.
How would you define your own story for your identity?
Share your story below for everyone to listen.