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This installation showed you, me as a Japanese South Korean Australian, a CCK (Cross Cultural Kid).
I was born in Japan with a South Korean nationality, been in Ausrtralia for 10 years since six years old.
Now in London for the past five years as a Fashion Stylist and now about to graduate RCA as my 17th school.
Every garment piece in collaboration and created by Simon Peters represents myself that I show for the first time.


Tag 1: Hiding within each new crowd, city, home and country that I had to reset myself for.
Tag 2: One of the most happiest moments of my life graduating a school from start to finish together with everyone.
Tag 3: Reconstructing my feelings trying to understand the constant sudden goodbyes.
Tag 4: Gradual build of chaos wanting attention as I felt myself alone.
Tag 5: Slowly understanding how to combine things together like languages and culture as I felt most comfortable.
Tag 6: Feeling subtle changes, unsure, but knowing I need to push forward.


Identity is different to every person, and becoming more and more difficult to understand in today's society.
We are so influenced by our surroundings and sometimes forget what is real and what is not.
How would you define your own metadiegetic for your identity?
Please share your story below for everyone to listen.